• function

.configured.makeFinalDocConfig(docConfig, project, parent, options)

Cleans up the docConfig so all default values are added and the versions and sites allowed by options are present.


  1. docConfig {docConfig}

    The docConfig that will be cleaned up.

  2. project {Object}

    • path {String}

      The path of the project that contains this docConfig.

    • simulatedPath {String}

      Where the project appears to be installed if it is not being copied to that location. This is typically set autmatically when a command line overwrite is provided.

  3. parent {Object}Optional

    • path {String}

      The path of the parent project.

    • docConfig {docConfig}

      The project's docConfig. It is used for its .siteDefaults.

  4. options {Object}

    • only {Array<Object>}

      An array of the versions or sites that should be produced.

    • watch {Boolean}

      If true, indicates that a filesystem watch will be setup and the documentation regenerated on changes.



A cleaned copy of the first argument.