• typedef



An object that represents something that is documented. Any property added to a docObject is available to the templates and the client. The following lists the important, near universal properties:



  1. name {String}

    The unique name of the object being documented.

  2. type {String}

    The type of the DocType. This typically represents the type of the object being documented:

    • constructor
    • prototype
    • static
    • function
    • property
    • typedef
    • module
  3. parent {String}

    The name of the parent docObject.

  4. description {String}

    The description html content specified by @description. This should typically be one or two sentences.

  5. body {String}

    The body html content specified by @body.

  6. children {Array<String>}

    An array of children names. This typically gets added by the system based on the parent property.

  7. deprecated {Array<Object>}

    An array of deprecated warnings created by @deprecated .


You can see a page's docObject by typing docObject in the console.