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Depending on what you're trying to do, you may or may not be on the right page:

  • If you're a designer or only care about creating a Live Style Guide, you will probably prefer reading this at
  • If you're a developer or you're also interested in API documentation, you may want to use so you have quick access to other information was created as a simple reference for the Live Style Guide feature of DocumentJS. The name of the tool you'll be downloading is DocumentJS even if you're using it for style documentation.

While DocumentJS was originally built to create API documentation, it can also be used to generate a Live Style Guide. With the style documentation features of DocumentJS, you can:

  • Document your project's styles inline in .css, .less, or .scss files
  • Write documentation in markdown files
  • Create a standalone style guide page (even if you're not using DocumentJS for JavaScript documentation)
  • Include demos and examples