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Learn how to generate your documentation.

Generating With Command Line

To generate your docs, if you installed DocumentJS globally, run:

 > documentjs

Otherwise, you run:

 > ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs

You can specify a version or site to run with:

 > ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs 1.0.0

You can also specify a local repository to find a version with:

 > ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs 1.0.0@../documentjs

Command Line Options

The command line supports the following options that map to various properties in docConfig, projectConfig, or siteConfig:

  • watch - regenerate on changes
  • forceBuild - rebuild templates and static distributable
  • debug - turn on debug messages
  • help - command line information

You can turn on these options with:

> ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs --watch

They are aliased to single characters and groupable so you can turn on watch, forceBuild and debug like:

> ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs --wfd

Generating With Grunt

To generate with grunt run:

> grunt documentjs

This will generate all configured versions and sites. To run a specific site or version add a :NAME where NAME is the version or site name like:

> grunt documentjs:2.0

You can point a version to a local copy with:

> grunt documentjs:2.0@../myproject