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Learn how to install DocumentJS.

There are two primary ways to install DocumentJS so it can be used for a project:

  1. Install DocumentJS as a npm package dependency.
  2. Install DocumentJS globally.

Installing globally allows you to use documentjs command from anywhere. However, it will not be installed automatically for npm projects. For this reason, we encourage people to install it as an npm dependency.


Install Node.js on your computer.

Installing as an npm package dependency

In your node project's parent folder, run:

> npm install documentjs --save-dev

Node will copy documentjs's executable to ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs. On linux/mac, you can run the documentjs command with:

> ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs

Installing globally


> npm install documentjs

Installing for Grunt

DocumentJS comes with a Grunt task. Simply import it in your Gruntfile.js and configure the documentjs task with the docConfig:

// Gruntfile.js
module.exports = function(grunt){
    documentjs: {
      versions: { ... },
      sites: { ... }

Installing for Gulp

coming soon