• typedef



The configuration options for a project to retrieve and document.



  1. source {String}

    The source location of the project.

  2. version {String}Optional

    The version name of the project. The default value is this project config's versions key.

  3. path {String}Optional

    The location of where the project should be installed. The default is to use docConfig's versionDest.

  4. npmInstall=false {Boolean}Optional

    Use npm to install the resource.

  5. sites {Object<String,siteConfig>}Optional

    The sites that should be created for the project if the project does not contain its own documentjs.json.


A projectConfig object is used to configure the behavior of a project. These objects are found within a docConfig's versions property. For example:

  versions: {
    // projectConfig start
      "source": "git://",
      "sites": {
        "docs": {
          "parent" : "canjs"
      "path": "./old/1.1/can",
      "npmInstall": false
    // projectConfig end

A projectConfig specifies where and how to retrieve a project, where to install it, and sometimes includes a "sites" object if the project being retrieved does not contain its own documentjs.json.