Look and Feel

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The default look and feel of your Live Style Guide is going to be similar to DocumentJS.com as it is using the default theme.

Additional Configuration

You'll need to make a style-guide-theme folder and point to it in documentjs.json before you can start changing anything. You should also make a styles folder in that theme folder.

Updated directory structure:

        <!-- PROJECT styles are already here-->
            <!-- LIVE STYLE GUIDE styles will go here -->
        <!-- demos are here -->
        <!-- Automatically generated directory -->

You'll need to tell DocumentJS to look for static resources in your theme folder.

Updated documentjs.json:

    "siteDefaults": {
      "static": "style-guide-theme"
    "sites": {
        "styles": {
            "glob": "styles/**/*.{md,less,md}",
            "parent": "style-guide",
            "dest": "./styleguide"

Changing the Styles

To see DocumentJS default styles, look in node_modules/documentjs/site/default/static/styles. See the documentation for these styles in the example Live Style Guide. To change any of these styles for your style guide, simply copy one of the files over to style-guide-theme/styles and make your changes.

If you'd like to add a new LESS file, simply copy over styles.less (which imports all the stylesheets) and @import your new file. DocumentJS will automatically resolve default file imports for any files you don't copy over so don't worry about fixing the file paths for the @import statement.