Creating a Page

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When you're writing with DocumentJS, you'll use tags. These are @-prefixed and tell DocumentJS to do something specific.

Note: Every time this guide introduces a new tag, you'll see a section like the following.

New Tag: @page

The @page tag creates a standalone page.


With our configuration, this will generate a page called my-styleguide.html

@page my-styleguide My Style Guide



The first argument, NAME, is the unique identifier for your page. It is how you will reference other pages later and how DocumentJS names the generated html files. The second argument, TITLE, is the title that will be displayed on the page.

Creating Your First Page

Create a file in the styles directory called that looks like this:

@page my-styleguide My Style Guide

Welcome to my Style Guide!

Anything after the line with the tag will be used as text on your page.

Next, we'll generate the site for the first time.