Organizing your Style Guide

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After you've documented your first stylesheet, if you generate the site you won't see your stylesheet page anywhere in the sidebar. Even though the page has been generated, it isn't linked up to the rest of the site because you need to tell DocumentJS where to put it.

We have two more tags so you can organize your style guide:

  • @parent to tell DocumentJS where to put links to your pages and stylesheets
  • @group to organize links in the sidebar

New Tag: @parent

The @parent tag organizes your site by telling DocumentJS where to put a link to your page or stylesheet.


The following tells DocumentJS that the parent page of Typography is our main page, styleguide. After using this tag, the Typography page will show up in the sidebar in the first position.

 * @stylesheet typography.less Typography
 * @parent styleguide 0


@parent NAME ORDER

The NAME argument is the unique name of the parent. The ORDER argument allows you to specify the order in which this child shows up in the sidebar. By default, children will be ordered alphabetically.

New Tag: @group

The @group tag organizes pages with headings in the sidebar. On the left of this page, the groups are "INTRO," "SETUP", "YOUR FIRST PAGE", "WRITING", and "CUSTOMIZING".


The group tag is used on a parent page. In this case, you will want to specify groups in

@page my-styleguide My Style Guide
@group styleguide-theme 0 Theme
@group styleguide-baseline 1 Baseline Elements
@group styleguide-docs 2 API
@group styleguide-other 3 Other



The NAME argument is the unique name. You'll use this as an argument for @parent in pages or stylesheets that belong in this group.

The ORDER specifies the order in which groups should appear in the sidebar. By default, they will be organized alphabetically.

The TITLE is displayed as a heading in the sidebar.

Putting Stylesheets into Groups

Once you've specified groups in, you just need to make those groups the @parent of your stylesheets (instead of using the base page). If you want to make put your Typography stylesheet in the "Baseline Elements" group, put this in typography.less

 * @stylesheet typography.less Typography
 * @parent styleguide-baseline 0
 * Global style definitions for all typographic elements including headings, paragraphs, lists, and blockquotes.

Notice that we are using the name we declared as a @group as the parent.

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